Thursday, June 9, 2011

Message for MC Mong :)

hi, when i think of u :
your eyes are full of love...
you are the one that anyone want to be:
a friend...sister...belover....
you are so modest...
so peaceful,that any one wish to be a companion to u ....
you are the symbol of love...
you are the candle that lighten in the darkness of aloneliness...
you are the star that guid hopeless one to the path of hope...
your move ...your look...
everything in you inspire  me with
these few words that come from the profound
feelings of my heart....
you are the prince of love....
i love you mc mong

Message to mc mong

To Mong oppa,

당신은 재능 있고 재밌다고. 포기하지 마. 화이팅~!

From Irene (Singapore)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


TO my DEarest  MC MONG...,,


I very love so much your musics,when  I play your songs automatically i will remember your face, smile & laught  and it brightens up my day.
I've been watching episodes of 1n2d so long and I miss you so much but now you're not around of the members...i feel sad...
I miss your laugh, your dance, especially your warm  heart towards the other 1N2D members & other people you met on 1N2D...

  it's hard to imagine what's you've been through and how you feel throughout this ordeal...however i will be your side no matter what....

MC Mong oppa, be strong, dont give up, fighting, believing, smiling, u..MAKE THE FUTURE MORE BRIGHT THEN NOW....

from warm heart...,,


love mc mong


i miss u sooo much in 2D1N...the show is not the same without u~~don't lose faith...we're all here for u...we'll be waiting for ur comeback~~MC MONG FIGHTINGG!!

from Rafidah, BRUNEI

MC Mong...Aishteru yo~!

MC Mong,

I'm so far away and I don't know if this message will ever reach you but please keep strong. I'm praying for your strength and praying that you'll regain your place in the hearts of all your fans. I believe in the you who I've been watching on 1N2D; the you who cried when your song came first on Music Bank; the you who made me laugh and the you who fought hard to prove your innocence.

Keep your head held high MC Mong. Fighting!

From: Zahra Oliphant
Country: Jamaica

Shin Dong Hyun Oppa Himnaeyo!

To: MC Mong/Shin Dong Hyun,

I still believe in MC Mong no matter what, if this letter is the only way i can show how much i support him then i better take time typing this. I Love MC Mong's music, his personality and his "VARIETY JEONGSHIN!" I know that MC Mong has a good heart. it can be obviously seen on his actions during performances, the way he treats his fans and specially during reality shows, 1N2D to be specific, he cooks for the members and he doesn't get mad even he's being bully by the older hyungs, and he's also good with the younger ones. So through all this my faith is with MC Mong and i wish him well during this hard times. MC Mong we are with you! SHIN DONG HYUN oppa HIMNAEYO!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my message for Mc Mong..

Believe in you, Mongie!

To Mongie!

You cry. Yes, I saw you cry.
I can't feel your sores. I just read and cried with every letter from the

I know, you know, your fans know, you are innocent. But the judgment comes
from the Judge. We can't do anything except praying for you everyday.

Please please don't give up! Your fans still stay there, wait for you, pray
for you. Please stay strong!
Even time passes by, your sincerely fans still support you.

I have a faith of the better future. I'll see your smile back on your face.
I'll hear your new single or album.
I know you'll be back because it's not over when you still have our

Jena, Vietnam

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Message to Mc Mong..

For Our Love "Mong"

I believe in you and wish you back to make us laught.
I always support you and be at your side.
I pray God to help you and make you happy.
Please don't thinks too much for this bad situation.
And just thinks too much only family, friends, and fans.
I wish you can continue your life again.
Please Please Please be HAPPY

So miss your smile & laught
Mong Ahhhhh!!!
God be with You


Message for MC Mong

Dear MC Mong Oppa,

I love love love your musics, I play your songs every single day and it brightens up my day.
For the past few months, I've been watching the old episodes of 1Night 2Days and I miss you so much.
I miss your laugh, your dance, especially your warmth heart towards the other 1N2D members & the local people you met on 1N2D.

Honestly, it's hard to imagine what's you've been through and how you feel throughout this ordeal.
And I cried when I heard the verdict on the 11th April.

But MC Mong, be strong.
Keep fighting.
Keep believing.
Keep smiling.

This is just one obstacle of life, remember that God never gives us problems bigger than what we can handle.
You'll grow stronger through it all. Never give up on your dream.

Can't wait to welcome you again as an entertainer, as a singer, as a choreographer and as a beautiful person as you've always been and always will be.

From: Noni - Australia

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Message for Mong..

미소 잊지 마세요. 
강해 져야 해. =) 

Mong-ah fighting!!
-Leslie V., Philippines


Dear Mongie Oppa....

You will be okay..!!! Everything gonna be okay...!!! Because we believe you...we have faith in you....because you are MC Mong...the STRONGEST MC Mong...!!!!Quickly come back....we can't wait to see you again...!!!!Your jokes...your smile...your laugh....we miss that a LOT....!!!! Till we can see you again....we will always pray for your happiness....
DON'T WORRY....DON'T BE SAD....because you have US who will always supporting you...AJA AJA HWAITING...!!!!!! \(^_~)/


Message for Mc Mong

Dear Mongie,
Wish that you are back (1박 2일)
Wish to hear your voice again
Wish to see more funny actions from you again
Wish to see more interactions you have with eun choding
Misses you alot.
Without you and kim c in 1n2d it seems to be missing something
I miss the family that i'm much familiar to
Hope for your comeback
Do not give up
Fans will still support you
Even if the broadcasting company do not
We will still welcome you
Finish what you need to do for now
And come back
Will wait for your return
All the Best
p.s hope you still remember the mini concert 1n2d have during the baekusan trip
Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~
Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~
Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~ Fighting~
Sarang hae
Love you always,
Miao Hui  (Singapore)


오빠...몽이 오빠...저는 정말 보고싶어...오빠, 울 지말아요! 파이팅! i will always support you matter what. i believe in you so oppa also need to believe on us, your FANS. don't cry anymore. Because if you cried, i'll also cry. if you have no one beside you, just remember GOD and us. we'll give you more and more strength to through all of this. So, just do what you need to do now. be patient because your fans also do the same as you and feel the same as you..


Mc Mong JJANG!!

For MC Mong oppa =)

오빠, Please Be Strong!!
Remember that I am and other fans will be waiting for you~
we always give all our support for you..
and if this case done already, my HOPE is to see you again as Singer, song writer, entertainer, and MC,,
i'll always waiting for your comeback.. 
*maybe we still have a chance to watch you comeback to 2D1N*
YOU are a GREAT Musician and Great Entertainer..
i Love your Songs and i Love the way you make me Laughing cuz watching you on TV..
im Believe with you, so please be Strong and please Don't give up so easy >_<
because You are MC MONG!! My LOVELY OPPA =)


From : Margaretha _ Indonesia

MC Mong Fighting

Mong oppa,

When I listen to your songs, I can feel the love you wanted to share with us. Through your music, I can find the strength to continue my own rough way.

When I see you in variety shows, I can see a man who was told "You cant be on TV" but finally he became one of the best singers of Korea. Through your story, I know how to stand up after a failure, how to keep going and keep doing for what I believe when people laugh at me.

And I know that man will never give up. He will be back for sure, and will continue to be the best. There is no success without hardship, and hardship makes you stronger.

We will wait for you. Go and become a new MC Mong. We believe in you!

Sticketri Phao - Vietnam.

Support Mong..

Dear MC Mong,

Never give up!! There's always hope! Please come back to the stage.. we all missed you lots.
Cheer! You are the power source of many of us out there :)
Chloe from Hong Kong

support for MCM..

Mongie oppa!!!!

I've just saw this site this afternoon
And I cried, knowing that out there, not only me, there are so many others who support you
The past year has been very tough for you
But please please don't ever, never ever give up
I've been watching you in 1n2d for the past 3 years, I didn't even miss an episode
You made me laugh so much, made me feel better whenever I had troubles
I'm me right now, partly because of you
You may not know ahahaha, but now you do :)
I've been listening to your music, your songs
They bring me so much emotions, they show me love, friendship, and life
they gave me strength when I needed it the most
For this, I thank you, for everything
And for this, MCM, please know that me and your fans
will always support you
we wait to see smiles on your face again
Oppa, fighting!!!
FR: Anh, SG


mongie oppa,

I have been watching you seen first episode of 2D1N, and really impressive when you attack Hodong ajushi while he sleeping with cellophane tape. Hodong ajushi is a monster and no one dare to fool hodong ajushi but you still have guts to attack him, but i know deep in your heart you afraid with him. hehe! and respect him. That time i know 2D1N will be more interesting. because of your attitude you can be close with them faster and they also feel comfortable with you. But now, 2D1N lack of something when you and kim c oppa leaves the show. Seunggi told before when he works with someone he likes, he can give all and feels more comfortable. Since uhm taewoong very a nice guys, really opposite of mongie oppa so it takes time to be close with others members. What i'm trying to say no one can replace you mongie oppa. So, what you have to do now settle all the law problem. then come back. You have no idea how many fans you have. So be strong! i would love to see you and seung gun oppa make gag joke on 2D1N again. Saranghae oppa!! really saranghae.

“Sadness flies away on the wings of time.”

-Nurul from Malaysia

To MC Mong - the wild monkey

To MC Mong - the wild monkey,

I can still remember the very first day I knew about
1 2, I was so attracted to it just because of you. You were so special and unique and you are a good kind of glue that was able to stick every part of the show together. Without you, I would not have been able to find any interest watching the show at that very first time.
Life is complicated, it just goes up and down without any control. I know you are in a difficult time at present, but please keep your smile and your humor, please don’t lose it because they are what make you the MC Mong we love. No matter what happen, please remember that we are always by your side and will always believe in you and support whatever you do. Please be happy! We are always here for you! GOD will always be here for you!
 Hwaiting, MC Mong!”
 Thank you so much :)

-Anna, Vietnam

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Message for Mongie =)

Mongie oppa,

오빠 안녕!

I know you're going through a lot right now. It's been a while since we've seen your normal self, with the infectious smile, and the wacky attitude. We can't exactly know how hard this is for you, but please do remember that we're here for you. We're all looking forward to seeing you happy again. I hope we'll get to see you smile again. Just hang in there, I know GOD will never leave  you, and so will we. 

As you said: "Everything's gonna be alright. Everything's gonna be okay." =)

오빠 사랑합니다!


Tracy V. from the Philippines

don't be give up...

hello.. i'm nsaliza (Malaysia).. actually i just know you after i have watch 2N1D a few months ago.. i'm really sad when hearing news about you.. but, i know you are a good person.. so, don't be give up.. take this incident as a steps to change your life to better in future.. make it as a guidance for your long journey to be on a top again.. always support you and others in 2D1N...  

You will be OK!

Dear MC Mong,

God only gives us challenges that we can handle. No matter how horrible or terrible and painful it is right now,
one day soon, you will know that it was to bring you to better things! We have many journeys to take in our lives,
to finally get to the best destination.

Be strong and have faith!

Your fan from

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For MC Mong..

梦啊 请你一定要坚持 所有关心你的人会一直陪伴着你 同你一起走下去
我们都相信你的清白 期待着你重返舞台 再次发光发热

MC mong fighting!!!

Support for MONG


오빠를 많이많이많이많이많이많이........ 사랑하고후원해요  오빠가아주특별하고귀중해요. 우리 Dong Hyun씨 힘네세요  신념을 끝까지 지키세요

Nancy. S (Orange California USA)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I miss you, Mongie oppa

Dear Mongie oppa,

I love you and I miss you.
I want to see you again in 1n2d so bad.
Seop Seop Dang is not the same anymore without you there.

This time is probably the toughest time you ever had in your whole life time.
But with all of us from all over the world gathering here,
we want to let you know that we always support you.
Please be strong, oppa!
We will survive through this tough time together okay?

You are not alone for sure. Because we will wait here, knowing you will come back.
Just believe, everything is gonna be okay. Let the time flows and reveal the truth.
We will always be right here, for you, and won't leave no matter what.

Sending spirit from Indonesia,

Dear MC Mong..

Dear MC Mong,

I know that everything will go well with what you are going through.
My wife and I watch you all the time in 1n2d but of course its boring
without you.  We know your awesome mother of faith is praying for you
and so are we.  We used your Love DNA in our wedding slideshow.  You
are a great inspiration to all.  We hope to see you soon back in 1n2d
to save those guys.  And look forward to hearing your future songs.

God Bless, 

Chun....LA, CA USA.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LOVE in any language =)

We are planning to make a compilation of Christmas 1n2d Greetings and put it as a video message for our guys. Just a simple holiday message on your language to warm and make them smile this Christmas since they won't be spending the holiday with their family.

We know it's a short notice and with the holiday approaching, everyone will be busy but to those who are interested and have time please submit your pictures on or before Dec 23, 2010 at

We want it to be simple but unique so show your creativeness and please if possible no photoshopped. Also you may want to take a picture of you with your message or ask someone to take snap shots of you making your handmade message, let's also have our own behind the scene moment. It'll be fun. Don't forget to write your username/name and country.

Please please participate.

The video will be sent to Shin pd, Daeju and Sugeun via twitter!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Show our support for Mong by voting =)

This is one way of showing our support to Mong. Let us all vote him in the 2010 Golden Disk Award. :) 
Let's do this! :) 

2010 Golden Disk Awards

Just click the link above :)

Mongi Bong Bong~

Dear MC Mong 오빠,

I'm a fan of yours since 3 years ago and after I found out about this controversy
I was totally in denial for awhile but I believe in you even till now. Even tho I don't
know what's the truth but since you said it I will believe in you. You are a very nice
person I know it and I'm always sure about this thought ^^ You helped Dalmatian's
Inati and the way you treat your mother from some episodes in 1박2일.
And of course from the lyrics in your songs I know you're a deep person.
I'm going to keep praying for you so that we can see your smile again on TV ^^
[or via twitter ㅋㅋㅋ] and so that we can listen to your new songs~
To be honest since the day you stopped shooting for 1박2일, watching 1박2일 is not
as funny as it is when you were there. So, MC Mong 웃어요!
God Bless you MC Mong :) 화이팅!

Francis, Indonesia

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Mc Mong

Dear MC Mong,

    Thanks for all your effort in the past years, I really enjoy watching all of your show. You always try your best to give audience happiness, as well as in your music, I love the way you sing and perform, it's super cool!! Altough you always doesn't care about your image to play the games , I could see you are a emotional person who easily touched by the others, like you cried after getting the champion in the Music Bank 080518. When you are facing the dilemma at the moment, suffering from pain, I just want you to know there are so many people come from all over the world are supporting you. I love U O thank you.! Don't be depressed, we will wait for you and looking forward see your smile on TV again.

Ling, Hong Kong

For MC Mong..

My dearest Shing-dong hyun,
3 years ago I was in a bad situation with my father. I found myself sobbing on the floor, with my music up high, crying to God for a way out. I was going to kill myself. I couldnt see the point throught all the pain. As I layed there a voice spoke to me.

It was you. It was your voice. The song Bimerl (secret) began to play, and i found comfort in your voice. I felt like you were speaking to me. Even though my Korean was only so-so at the time, I knew you understood. It calmed me and got me through the day. The next day I met up with one of my Korean friends and I asked her to translate the song for me... and I was right. You talked about your father, and your pain and you became a source of strength for me. I didnt feel alone.   - YOU saved my life that day. I owe you my life. I'm begging you to stay strong. Forget the haters, they're not worth it. You are ten times a better person then they will ever be.  Think of us who love you, who care about and still need you. God Bless. 

Priscilla, currently in Taiwan

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Support MC Mong!

Monkey Mong,
Like many of your fans, I am not Korean but for the past three years I have enjoyed your music and comedy and I hope that you continue doing such amazing things. Stay strong and remember that your true fans are always there to lend their support and love!
MC Mong FIGHTING!!!!!!!

Betty (Miami, Florida, USA)

For the lovely MC Mong

Dear MC Mong,

As I was watching 1N2D,I was very sad that you had been edited out.I'll definitely miss you being yourself on the show..and I'll also miss the disappointed party.the bond you have with everyone on the show is just amazing.No matter what happens to you,I'll always support you. Don't mind what all the haters have to say,just know that your fans will always be there to catch you when you fall.You always bring me joy when I watch 1N2D or HahaMong show.When you're down and everyone is hurting you,just brush them off your shoulders and pick yourself up.Show them that you're fine even though they're insulting you.

Whatever happens,stay strong <3

Mira from Singapore

Monday, October 18, 2010

Message for MC Mong :)

Dearest MC Mong

I don’t know what i should trust
I don’t know the entire truth
I just know that
You are that funny kindhearted guy in my favorite show with awesome music talent
I send the best wishes for you and your family
Please do the right thing whether you’re right or wrong
I love you and thank you… for everything

shacha, Indonesia

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Dear mc mong , 

i was sad when i heard that you're not at 2D1N anymore.  :( no more you , feels ... empty. But still , we (fans) will be remembering you forever. Please be strong , i know its tough to be in military but you have to do this. 
Hwaiting ! We'll be waiting for you to come back. Bring your smile , homour & monkey - ness with you. :) 
good luck. 
i even cried that you're leaving. You're the best. Keep that with you. 

Im currently watching 2D1N and its abt the documentary 3rd episode. I was waiting for you , but i guess you been edited out already :( 

I'll never forget you. 


To Our Beloved Mongie


people can talk and people can laugh too
whatever u do,make sure its right
u must believe in yourself
for the right u must fight
once u are right
they'll keep quiet.
even somehow problem that u facestill patient
because the victory will be coming together hardship
and in every the hardship there is victory.


For Mong.

Dearest Shin Dong Hyun, 

 Mong ah, you can never run away from hardships in life. 
Please be strong. Only with that can you overcome adversities. 

We your fans would love and stand by you no matter what. 
You have brought so much joy to our lives and it pains us to see you acting unlike your normal monkey self
What happened to the Silly-Monkey-Boy that used to bring so much laughter to people all around the world?

 Its time you stand up. 

From the bottom of my heart

Linny <3 - Singapore 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For Mongie..

I know many have already expressed their love for you, but I just can't help typing my own message~!

You do know that millions of people love you and support you, right?
So don't - ever - even think of lowering your head, please keep up your pride and stay happy for your family, your friends, for us, and most importantly for yourself!

I believe in you, people should, too, because you deserve it.
We will always be here for you! We will do our best to root for you!
Do what you think is right, and we will support you no matter what!

Mongkey Fighting!!!!

Linh Nguyen from Vietnam